Edvince is a research company founded by Professor Lars Edvinsson to take advantage of research findings and patent applications, with the goal of developing and commercializing a new method for emergency treatment of stroke. Stroke is a common disease, but also a loose term to describe an array of underlying factors and symptoms – all due to insufficient blood flow to the brain. The condition may be due to blood clots or bleeding in the brain caused by a broken blood vessel, or to cardiac arrest.

Edvince develops drugs with the potential to minimize damage to the brain caused by stroke and thereby reduce the risk of lifelong disability. Edvince considers drug candidates that work by keeping the blood vessels in the brain open, thereby allowing brain cells to receive oxygen and nutrients in order to prevent widespread and prolonged cell death in the brain.

Edvince AB
Medicon Village The Spark
Medicon Village
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223 81 Lund

Tore Duvold, CEO: +45 61 90 50 66