A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Stroke

Based on pioneering research and breakthrough discoveries in the area of cerebral circulation and receptor regulation, Edvince develop revolutionizing new treatments for stroke to the benefit of patients and society

Based on pioneering research on cerebral circulation

Despite tremendous research efforts and a large number of clinical trials focused on developing treatments for stroke, the field's current state remains dismal. There are, at present, no efficient treatments nor promising drug candidates for this lethal and disabling condition. A different perspective with a new approach is therefore desperately needed.

Edvince's drug discovery and development is born out of founder and Professor Lars Edvinsson's extensive, fundamental and pioneering research of cerebral circulation, receptor regulation, stroke and migraines. Edvince is now conducting a clinical trial with its innovative and disruptive lead drug EDV2209, an orphan drug for the treatment of brain ischemia associated with severe subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). The drug helps to keep the blood vessels in the brain open, allowing brain cells to receive oxygen and nutrients to prevent brain damage.


Addressing stroke by restoring blood circulation to the affected parts of the brain

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Opportunity to expand into other stroke indications, including global ischemic stroke, with high market potential (200,000 yearly incidents in the US alone)

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Professor Lars Edvinsson - founder of Edvince

Professor Edvinsson is a leading expert in the field of cerebral circulation. He is world-recognised for his work on vascular innervation and receptor regulation. His extensive research has been a major contributor to what is known about the roles of the cerebral vasculature in health and diseases such as stroke and migraine.

Professor Edvinsson is a chief physician at the Department of Emergency Care and Internal Medicine, Skane University Hospital, and professor of Internal Medicine at Lund University. In 2008, he was also appointed professor in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, where he is the founder and head of Glostrup Science Park.

Professor Edvinsson and his team conduct their research at state-of-the-art laboratories at Lund University in Sweden and at Glostrup Science Park in Denmark.

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Edvince is supported by the EIC Accelerator programme and have received 2.5 mio EUR in support for the ongoing clinical trial in subarachnoid hemorrhage. The EIC is Europe’s flagship innovation programme to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations.

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