Despite tremendous research efforts and a large number of clinical trials focused on developing treatments for suprachoroidal hemorrhage (SAH), the field’s current state remains dismal. There are, at present, no efficient medical treatments nor promising drug candidates for this lethal and disabling condition. A different perspective with a new approach is therefore desperately needed.

Based on Professor Edvinsson’s pioneering research and breakthrough discoveries, Edvince proposes a transforming new treatment to the benefit of SAH patients and the society. EDV2209 is a small molecule that has convincingly been shown to inhibit the upregulation of contractile receptors, which, in the aftermath of SAH, cause blood vessel constriction and reduced blood supply to the brain (ischemia), causing cell death. The drug thus helps to keep the blood vessels in the brain open, allowing brain cells to receive oxygen and nutrients to prevent brain damage. Preclinical studies in an animal model of SAH have demonstrated that EDV2209 normalizes functional outcome and reduces inflammatory response after an SAH event. With only one drug available for SAH treatment (with disputed effect on outcome in SAH patients), EDV2209’s high potential to treat this disease has been acknowledged by the regulatory authorities in the EU and USA, who have granted the drug candiadate with Orphan Drug Designation.