Management Team

Lars Edvinsson

Founder, CSO and board member

Professor Edvinsson is a leading expert in the field of cerebral circulation. He is world-recognized for his work on vascular innervation and receptor regulation. His extensive research is a major contributor to the current knowledge about the roles of the cerebral vasculature in health and diseases such as stroke and primary headaches. He is the director and founder of the Glostrup Science Park at Copenhagen University Hospital and Professor in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, and senior consultant in internal medicine, University Hospital SUS Lund. He has received numerous honors and awards including Director and President, International Headache Society; Member, Steering Board, European Headache Federation; Honorary Doctorate, University of Xián, China; Lifetime Achievement Award, American Headache Society. He was recently awarded the Lundbeck Foundation’s prestigious Brain Prize 2021. He is a citizen of Sweden.

Jan Alenfall


Jan Alenfall holds a PhD from University of Lund on a Thesis on tumor pharmacology and biology and have over 25 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience in various positions, has authored and co-authored >18 papers in scientific journals and have multiple pending patent applications. He joined Pharmacia Leo after his master’s degree 1988 at University of Lund. Jan was involved in research for new concepts for treatments of immunological disorders and cancer. He completed his PhD studies in 1995 at University of Lund and was thereafter working with clinical trials in immunology and oncology for Pharmacia & Upjohn. Jan is specialized in international product development of early stage pharmaceutical projects, business planning, risk evaluation, design and execution of preclinical and clinical studies, Jan is research focused and a goal driven project leader. 

Jan Alenfall is currently also CEO of Callipa AB, his fully owned consulting company. His previous assignments include various positions with Pharmacia Leo, Associate clinical program leader for Pharmacia & Upjohn, international clinical research manager for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Head Clinical and Preclinical research for Bioglan AB and SkyePharma AB, Director R&D for Probi AB, Executive Director at Pergamum, CEO of DermaGen AB, Follicum AB, Canimguide AB and Immodulate AB.

Stine Larsen

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Larsen holds a PhD in neurobiology, and has 10 years of experience in drug discovery as well as 15 years of experience in drug development from Lundbeck, ALK and Klifo. She has primarily worked within the field of neurodegenerative disorders in both drug discovery and drug development, with experience throughout the whole value chain from target discovery to filing a market authorization application, including experience in Phase I, II, and III. At ALK, Stine developed and executed a large pediatric study in allergic asthma. At Klifo, she was the head of the Pharmacovigilance Department. Stine Larsen’s passion is to use her molecular understanding of disease biology and the drug being tested as the basis for designing clinical development programs, with a view to highlighting drug efficacy. She is a citizen of Denmark.